Thinking about a simple supper for two or more, one of my personal favourites is black pudding and chorizo flamed in sherry and served with toasted ciabatta and another measure of sherry on the side, just to be sure of course.
Now there’s bound to be people who either don’t like black pudding or are vegetarian who might think, no that’s not for me, but just relax, because this dish works pretty well without the meat content if you so wish.
This recipe takes just a few minutes to prepare and there’s very little needed in the way of pots and pans, or indeed washing up afterwards. All of these ingredients can be purchased from independent traders in Tiverton i.e. our deli in the Pannier Market, Reapers Health Store and The Jolly Vintner.

Serves two
Half of a small black pudding chub cut into 8 slices about 5mm thick
Half of small smoked Spanish chorizo cut into 8 slices about 5mm thick
Half an onion diced fairly small
Two cloves of garlic chopped into thin slices
1 splosh of olive oil
A mixed handful of raisins and pine nuts, in roughly similar amounts
1 small can of chick peas, drained and rinsed
Half a glass of medium sherry
Freshly ground salt and pepper
Small handful chopped flat leaf fresh parsley
2 slices toasted ciabatta

The process is really simple and is all done in one frying pan
Gently sweat the onion and garlic together, remove from the pan and put to one side
Gently fry the chorizo and black pudding on both sides
Drop in the raisins and pine nuts and stir gently into the black pudding and chorizo
Add back in the softened onion and garlic and gently mix everything together
Add the chick peas and a touch of seasoning
Pour in the sherry and raise the temperature of the pan to reduce the liquid. At this point you can light the vapour which burns off the alcohol and looks really fancy, but it’s not essential.
Once the sherry has reduced you’ll be left with a sweet and slightly crunchy dish that you can spoon over a slice of warm ciabatta. It’s nice to finish with a teaspoon of chopped flat leaf parsley if you have some.
Then pour a couple of large measures of sherry, slip onto the couch and relax.