Now the name is a fancy way of saying Chicken Dippers, but if you make them yourself they are as far as a trip to the moon and back from their chemical cousins in the freezer aisle of your local supermarket. This method of making Crispy Chicken Fillets is really simple and you can even involve the kids for pretty much the whole process.
Don’t forget that you will be dealing with raw chicken and eggs so be careful with younger children who might be tempted to but their hands in their mouths during the process. Other than that, a bit of soap, warm water and hand washing before, during and after the process and you’ll be fine.
The quantities for 6 people are as follows:
200g plain flour
6 eggs
2 tubs golden breadcrumbs (not the bright orange variety)
800g mini chicken fillets
Salt and pepper
250ml vegetable oil (not olive oil as it won’t get hot enough to get a golden colour)

So to start, you will need three large bowls and plenty of kitchen roll plus a large deep frying pan.
Bowl 1 – In this one put the plain flour to which you add a generous amount of salt and pepper. The seasoning needs to be mixed through the flour so it is evenly distributed. The best way to do this is with a fork.
Bowl 2 – In this one put the beaten eggs, again with a little seasoning added.
Bowl 3 – This bowl needs to contain the golden breadcrumbs. You can either make your own or do what I do and nip down to your local grocery store and buy a tub of ready prepared ones.
One fillet at a time, dip a fillet into the seasoned flour in bowl 1 until coated all over, then drop into the beaten egg in bowl 2 ensuring that the whole fillet is covered, then roll in the bread crumbs in bowl 3 until evenly coated and place on a plate.  Repeat this process with all your fillets.
Then add enough vegetable oil to fill your frying pan to about 1cm deep.  What you want is the oil to come half way up the side of the fillet rather than covering it. This could be done in a deep fat fryer. In making Crispy Chicken Fillets the trick is to have the oil hot enough to cook the chicken but not to burn the breadcrumbs. You are looking for a gentle sizzle. Start with one fillet as a practice.
Cook the rest of the fillets in batches, don’t over fill the pan. Cook for 2 – 3 minutes. Using a pair of tongs lift each fillet slightly and check to see if the underside is golden brown, giving them another minute if necessary. When they are golden brown, turn them over and cook for a further 2 -3 minutes until both sides match. Drain the cooked fillets on kitchen paper and keep warm in the oven whilst you do the next batch.
That’s it really, very simple and there are loads of ways of serving them. Try a simple salsa, made from finely chopped spring onions, cucumber, tomato and jalapeno peppers along with homemade potato wedges. Or perhaps with salad in a wrap and a garlic mayo dressing. Delicious.