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Welcome to our Deli Shack food blog. We've been based in Tiverton Pannier Market for 9 years, building up a range of West Country and continental foods. So being that we are both chefs we thought we'd share with you... Continue Reading →

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Egyptian Style Dip or Seasoning

A simple idea for the fourth in our series of Middle Eastern inspired recipes. Dukkah is an Egyptian blend of sea salt, seeds, nuts and spices.  The seeds are toasted until they reach a light golden brown shade to enhance... Continue Reading →

Yemeni Chicken Soup with Chawage

In the third of our series of Middle Eastern inspired recipes we're using Chawage, a Yemeni aromatic, curry-like spice which can be rubbed onto meat and vegetables or sprinkled into stews and soups. Most of the ingredients are available here at Tiverton Pannier... Continue Reading →

Moroccan-style Fish with Chermoula

In the second of our series on North African and Middle Eastern spices, we’re using Chermoula, a Moroccan spice blend that combines the earthy tastes of cumin and turmeric with the sweetness of paprika and some classic Mediterranean herbs. You... Continue Reading →

Baharat Jewelled Kofte

This is the first of a series of recipes using Middle Eastern spices available from the Pannier Market. Today we've got an easy Turkish kofte recipe using Baharat, a popular, pungeant spice blend used for cooking or as a condiment... Continue Reading →

Spanish Supper with a Tiverton Twist

Thinking about a simple supper for two or more, one of my personal favourites is black pudding and chorizo flamed in sherry and served with toasted ciabatta and another measure of sherry on the side, just to be sure of... Continue Reading →

Crispy Chicken Fillets

Now the name is a fancy way of saying Chicken Dippers, but if you make them yourself they are as far as a trip to the moon and back from their chemical cousins in the freezer aisle of your local... Continue Reading →

Lighter Bites for Lighter Nights

This week’s quick recipe from Tiverton features some of the brilliant fresh food available in the market and the town. Salmon, spinach and cream cheese tart is a really easy meal to make if you are using shop bought puff... Continue Reading →

Paella the Tiverton way

Paella is the tastiest, simplest meal you can create for friends and family. Most of the ingredients for this dish were sourced from the Pannier Market or from our local high street butcher. The rest are just staple source cupboard... Continue Reading →

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